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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Dear Readers, 

Independent authors are a unique breed of entrepreneur. By the sheer nature of the work, we spend an awful lot of time alone, transcribing our thoughts into words we hope make sense. It’s like walking in the wilderness of our own imaginations. Frequently we have no idea where we are, or where we are going. And then these amazing characters arrive and help us find our way. Suddenly our creativity comes to a rolling boil and our dreams become real because we see them taking place on a tiny monitor right in front of our eyes.

These characters prove to us that anything is possible. I’ve landed a WWII bomber on a postage stamp in the Pacific Ocean, battled the evil spirt of Elizabeth Hamilton, ran with a pack of wolves in Wisconsin and hogtied outlaws in the Black Hills. You’ll find all those tales within the titles this website promotes.

The greatest honor you can do me, or any other author, is to tell us what you think. Which character did you like best? Did you like the ending? Which bad guy scared you the most? Who surprised you? Who didn't? Where did our storytelling succeed and where did it fail?

So leave a review, make a comment or drop me a note. To borrow the words of Detective Harry Callahan, “Go ahead! Make my day!”



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 As Gus McIntyre and his friends, Katie and Lizzy Sanders, make their way back to the Circle H Ranch, Gus reveals how his great-great grandfather, James Oliver McIntyre, fled Scotland to find adventure in the New World. He also found freedom, hardship and two life-long Partners in Daniel Boone and Rhona McPhal.  With a New England Retriever at his side, James and Rhona McIntyre blaze trails into the wild and hostile western frontier. CLICK TO READ MORE




As an independent author, my goal is simple: Give people access to my novels as cheaply as possible. That's why I'm offering all of my titles in ePub format for just 99 cents each. But they are only available here at my website. So, click below and I'll send you a novel today.

  -- Jerry

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Thanks for stopping by my newly-designed web site. My name

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don't call me at all. I've built this web page to help

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