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Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction


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Two new novels will debut in 2018, Run Like the Wind and Wolf Pact: Escape from Captivity. They are as different as night and day. Run Like the Wind  is novella of historical fiction set in the lawless Black Hills of 1876. Escape is the sequel to Wolf Pact: The New Order, which debuted in 2011. Seven years later, the new Cossibye clan rescues two young siblings, only to find itself thrust into the murderous crosshairs of a madman. 

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The Wolf Pact saga continues 

Adult Fiction


Steamy Romance

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Thanks for stopping by my newly-designed website. By clicking on any of the buttons below the covers of my novels, you can link a preferred format at a variety of e-bookstores,. "Act of Kindness" went up for sale at e-bookstores around the world in late October. A novella, "Run Like the Wind," will be released in January 2018. I expect "Wolf Pact: Escape from Captivity" to be released  early in 2018. Projects for 2018 include a Run Like the Wind sequel, a murder mystery and "Wolf Pact III."  I urge you to explore the site, peruse some of my short stories and blogs and leave a comment if you like. Signed copies of most of my books are available by clicking my Contact Page. You will notice I also have an anthology of erotica short stories from a variety of authors available. Try  "Cocktales and Smiles" if you are up for some steamy romance.   Most of all, read and enjoy.

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