COMING SOON: The saga continues as the Cossibye clan helps reunite two abused children with their father and end a killing spree.


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Thanks for stopping by my newly-designed website. By clicking on each of the books above, you will be able to read a synopsis and link to the Amazon bookstore, where all but "Spirit Dancers" are available in multiple formats. I expect "Wolf Pact: Escape from Captivity" to be released in multiple formats in the summer of 2017. It will be followed by a short novel, called "Surf Secrets," in the fall and "Altered Lives" in time for Christmas.  I urge you to explore the site, peruse some of my short stories and blogs and leave a comment if you like. Signed copies of most of my books are available by clicking my Contact page. Anyone who has been here before will notice I have added a page for "Erotica," and made available a couple short stories from "Cocktales and Smiles" for your reading pleasure.  Most of all, read what is here and  enjoy yourself.