Being raised at the hand of a U.S.S. Saratoga veteran was a privilege. It provided a rambunctious young boy with plenty of discipline and a hero to admire.  I loved leafing through my father's log book and hearing the stories he occasionally related about his service during World War II. It wasn't until I retired that I had time to research and tell the story of the crew that played a major role in halting Japanese aggression throughout the Pacific and Asia.  I collected memoirs from scores of Saratoga veterans and compiled them into a narrative that best can be considered historical fiction. The names have been changed but the facts remain true.

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Bringing "Sara: A Hero's Story" to publication was a long and arduous task that began ten years ago. When I completed it in 2006, there were few venues for publication that exist today. I presented it now as a tribute to those remarkable young men who sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom some 70 years ago. I hope the story of their heroism lives in infamy. To read Chapter 1, click here.

Fireman First Class Ralph Guy in 1942

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