The Wolf Pact saga continues


Gerald L. Guy is the son of Lenora and Ralph G. Guy, the middle of three children who were raised raised in the suburbs of Warren, OH. He credits him mother for encouraging him to read and write when he was very young. It is a passion that has only grown stronger as the years multiplied. He set his sights on a newspaper career early on, whetting his appetite for news as the editor of his high school newspaper. He graduated from Champion High School and attended Youngstown State and Kent State universities before accepting his first journalism job in the sport department of The Tribune Chronicle in Warren. He held various positions at the Tribune before being promoted to editor. He later served as a

Imagination is my most prized possession.

newspaper consultant for Thomson Newspapers and was appointed editor of daily newspapers in Valdosta, GA and Manitowoc WI before retiring in 2004.

He and his wife, Joanne, moved to Central Florida in 2005, where he lives and enjoys writing, hiking and biking the many trails and beaches of Flagler County. He has raised three children and proudly enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren who live in Tennessee.

He published his first book, "Wolf Pact: The New Order," in 2011, "Spirit Dancers" and "Cocktales and Smiles" in 2015 and "Sara: A Hero's Story" in 2016. When he is not enjoying the sunny climes of Palm Coast, he is at his computer turning new ideas into short stories and potential novels. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter or leave him a message on the contact page of this website.

A decade has passed since the Cossibye clan was discovered in the north woods of Wisconsin. They returned in January of 2018 to continue their journey. Both are available in electronic formats at www.amazon.com. Paperbacks of The New Order are out of print, but I plan to reorder them in February. Escape from Captivity became available in January of 2018. I'll have signed paperbacks available by Valentine's Day. Of course, the sequel can be purchased directly from Amazon, too. Enjoy!!

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