Imagination is my most prized possession.

Newspapers and was appointed editor of daily newspapers in Valdosta, GA and Manitowoc WI before retiring in 2004.

He and his wife, Joanne, moved to Central Florida in 2005, where he lives and enjoys writing, hiking and biking the many trails and beaches of Flagler County. He has raised three children and proudly enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren who live in Tennessee.

He published his first book, "Wolf Pact: The New Order," in 2011 and followed with a wide range of  titles from historic fiction, erotica and western fiction.  You can find him on Facebook and Twitter or leave him a message on the contact page of this website.

Review and acclaim by readers


Gerald L. Guy is the son of Lenora and Ralph G. Guy, the middle of three children who were raised in the rural suburbs of Warren, OH. He credits him mother for encouraging him to read and write when he was very young. It is a passion that has only grown stronger as the years multiplied. He set his sights on a newspaper career early on, whetting his appetite for news as the editor of his high school newspaper. He graduated from Champion High School and attended Youngstown State and Kent State universities before accepting his first journalism job in the sport department of The Tribune Chronicle in Warren. He held various positions at the Tribune before being promoted to editor. He later served as a newspaper consultant for Thomson


​​​​​Wolf Pact: The New Order (2011)

“Gerald L. Guy had the reputation of a hard-hitting newsman, not a guy who figures out how the appendix can explain his creatures’ ability to transform from human to wolf. But he does so with a panache for fun with his novel, “Wolf Pact: The New Order.” --  Dean Poling, The Valdosta Daily Times 

“I loved the whole Cossibye clan! I can’t wait for the movie version to come out.” -- Gayla Smith, Flint MI 

“I just finished reading Wolf Pact and found it totally delightful. Congratulations on a great job! Keep me informed of your future writings. I hope it isn’t the last we hear of the Wolf Pact. And by the way, if you have any spare Wowasi, send it my way!” -- William Rush, Warren OH 

SARA: A Hero's Story (2016)

"Because I was a small child at the time I didn’t understand the magnitude of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent battles—this book brings history to life, an appreciation of what our Navy, our country, went through. The battles in the air and on the sea are gripping. You hear the banter between the airmen on their missions as they dive, drop bombs, and tangle with the enemy; banter between the seamen as the Sara’s big guns fire, the noise, the reverberations rocking the ship, the heat of the boiler room and the scent of sweat as the crew keep Sara at top speed.
     “Gerald Guy captures the lore and rituals of the seamen and airmen. I laughed (hazing endured by seamen crossing the equator for the first time), I cried (comrades lost in battle), following Sara, the aircraft carrier dubbed The Lucky Lady, as she traversed the Pacific. If you are from a family or know friends who fought after the attack on Pearl Harbor, this book is for you. A great gift in so many ways.”  -- Mary Jane Forbes, Orange Park FL

“Fascinating tale of life aboard one of the greatest aircraft carriers to defend our nation during World War II. Captures the grand scale of battles and the daily routine of these members of The Greatest Generation on their journey to eventual victory over Japan.” -- Happy Tutor, Palm Coast FL 

“I found myself laughing and crying for the plight of senior citizens who lose everything and are forgotten by American society. While Beth Sawyer reminded me of 

the heartless Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Jerome Browning gave me hope. His bubbly personality was contagious. I hope I can be as spry and energetic when I near his age.” --  Diane Johnson, Brownsville TX

"Loved this coming of age short novel about Gus McIntyre in the old west from Gerald L Guy. He and his father set out for the Black Hills to seek their fortune in gold. Outlaws raid and kill his father looking for valuables. Gus hidden sees them murder his father. This sets the scene for Gus' remarkable journey. Armed with his trusty sling shot, a knife and little else, he begins running hoping to find anyone in this vast wilderness that could help him.
     Excellent story set in turbulent times of when the west was still young and aching with the sudden growth and changing times. Great read for teens through young adults and up. I'll be reading more of Gerald L Guy's novels especially Gus McIntyre! Thank you Mister Guy for sharing your wonderful talent with us!  -- Juliette Douglas, Author

Run to Danger (2018)

​“Guy easily transported me to the Black Hills of 1876 and had me rooting for a resourceful fourteen-year-old to exact his revenge without mercy. I think he let those outlaws off too easy.” -- David Sherwood, New Bedford CT

Chasing Gold (2018)

"Gus McIntyre remeinds of me of Al Capp's old comic strip character Joe Btfsplk. Everywhere he went, trouble followed like a dark cloud. I've enjoy reading how he gets himself out of these fixes. Of course, dodging the KKK wasn't easy." -- Lee Sassman, Warren OH

Tree of Wonders (2018) 

"Anyone living in Florida will enjoy this short history of the area we live and love. The turmoil settlers faced when they ventured to tame tihe Sunshine State amazes me. I'll never look at a Live Oak tree the same again. -- Joanne Majors, Palm Coast FL

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