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Gerald L. Guy is the son of Lenora and Ralph G. Guy, the middle of three children who were raised in the rural suburbs of Warren, OH. He credits him mother for encouraging him to read and write when he was very young. It is a passion that has only grown stronger as the years multiplied. He set his sights on a newspaper career early on, whetting his appetite for news as the editor of his high school newspaper. He graduated from Champion High School and attended Youngstown State and Kent State universities before accepting his first journalism job in the sport department of The Tribune Chronicle in Warren. He held various positions at the Tribune before being promoted to editor. He later served as a newspaper consultant for Thomson

Imagination is my most prized possession.

Thomson Newspapers and was appointed editor of daily newspapers in Valdosta, GA and Manitowoc WI before retiring in 2004.

He and his wife, Joanne, moved to Central Florida in 2005, where he lives and enjoys writing, hiking and biking the many trails and beaches of Flagler County. He has raised three children and proudly enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren who live in Tennessee.

He published his first book, "Wolf Pact: The New Order," in 2011 and followed with a half dozen more titles of historic fiction, erotica and western fiction.  When he is not enjoying the sunny climes of Palm Coast, he is at his computer turning new ideas into short stories and potential novels. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter or leave him a message on the contact page of this website.


​​Wolf Pact: The New Order (2011) -- When W. Jefferson Prescott III is introduced to a species of wolf that can alter its genetic makeup in order to walk as humans, he discovers a magical world and a second  chance at life. His predestined rise to power creates chaos and unity. While Jefferson must learn the ways of the four-legged Cossibye, his three companions —  Aponi, Shideezhi and Skilah — struggle to embrace life in Jefferson’s human world. This cultural collision, combined with the discovery of amazing physical and sensual powers, takes readers on a journey of fantasy, romance and mystery. 

Wolf Pact: Escape from Captivity (2018)-- After rescuing abused siblings on a dark Wisconsin night, the Cossibye clan is catapulted into a search for the orphans' relatives and face off with a madman who is leaving dead bodies and shattered lives wherever he travels. With the help of the children's father -- Michael Mangus Walker -- Jefferson, Sebby, Sherry and Reeny must rely on cunning and all of their special powers to preserve the children's safety and return peace to the plush Wisconsin countryside.  

SARA: A Hero’s Story (2016) -- When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, the men of the U.S.S. Saratoga CV-3 fought back. This work of historical fiction chronicles the role "The Mighty Lady" and her crew played in bringing about an end to Japanese terrorism and World War II. The historical tale is based on the memoirs of dozens of veterans who served valiantly aboard the venerable aircraft carrier. One of those brave men was the author's father, Ralph G. Guy. Most of his shipmates have passed or are in their twilight years. All remain heroes from a time too often forgotten. 

Act of Kindness (2017) -- Nobody at Crater Lake Retirement Center could believe Jerome Browning was 92 years old. He looked and acted much younger. Still, he devoted his life to helping residents restart their lives. Fighting a dysfunctional director every step of the way, Jerome and a wealthy benefactor find innovative ways to bring joy into shattered lives in innovative ways. Browning had no idea a 210-year-old curse and a simple act of kindness would turn his own world upside down.

Run like the Wind (2017) -- Fourteen-year-old Eongus "Gus" McIntyre suddenly is orphaned and abandoned in the Black Hills, the wildest and most untamed territory in 1876 America. Luckily, he is befriended by a group of cattlemen, intent on driving 100 head of Texas Longhorns north to feed hungry gold miners in lawless Deadwood. An ornery trail cook, named Toots, and the boss' son, Junior Hamilton, take young McIntyre under their wing. With the help of irascible Calamity Jane, the youngster earns respect, avenges his father's murder and starts a new life in the Wild West.

Run to Danger (2018)-- Rustlers and Mexican vaqueros threaten the livelihood of the Circle H Ranch in 1877, making young Gus McIntyre’s job of rounding up stray Longhorns more than challenging. An aging Apache chief comes to Gus' rescue, and together they plot revenge and secure the Hamilton assets. In the process, long-standing animosities between their white and native cultures begin the healing process. Run to Danger is Book 2 of the Gus McIntyre Adventures. Watch for "Running for Gold" in the fourth quarter of 2018. 

Cocktales & Smiles (2016) -- An anthology of short stories, written by unknown authors who all are enjoying the comforts of their golden years. Some is fantasy and some is memoir, but the authors will never reveal the truth behind their smiles. You see, in our day, kissing and telling was absolutely taboo.