Army specialist Mathew Perry was adopted at a very young age. He enjoyed a normal and rewarding life, provided by his loving, adoptive parents.  Everything was moving along at a normal pace until his 25th birthday.

That's when he learns his entire biological family was murdered in one of the most heinous crimes in Trumbull County history. Faced with a grisly reality, Matt leaves the Army and his South Georgia home. He heads north to learn more about his biological family and investigate the unsolved murder. As one might expect, Perry  finds more than he bargained for in the sleepy, little mecca he never knew. With the help of his half-sister, can Mathew unearth the clues that will solve the case?


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I love it when a good book swallows you up, heart and soul

Jerome Browning has been the one constant at Crater Lake Retirement Center. Residents of all kinds have passed through the doors of the county home and he has made a point to touch each and every one.

    He has helped them restart careers, overcome disabilities and find comfort when life has struck its hardest blows. He even sparred a couple rounds with the evil ghost of Elizabeth Hamilton, wife of the legendary Revolutionary Alexander Hamilton, confidante to

Act of 

George Washington and the first Secretary of the United States Treasury.

     The 92-year-old retiree had no idea a simple act of kindness might impact his own life until a wealthy benefactor emerges and turns his world upside down. Between the pages of Act of KINDNESS, readers will find a humor, compassion, a bit of history and an evil spirit that haunts the granddaughters of Alexander Hamilton.  It's also glimpse into the lives of senior citizens who suddenly find themselves down on their luck.

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Escape from Captivity



Coming in 2018...

Yes, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Wolf Pact: The New Order will be published as early as November. It’s been six years in the making but is finally ready to entertain readers with more adventures of W. Jefferson Prescott III and his friends, Arena Wolfe and Shahrazad and Sebastian McKenzie.

     Escape from Captivity begins with the rescue of two young children from the farmlands of Wisconsin but catapults the shape-shifting Cossibye clan into the murderous path of a madman. Jefferson, Reeny, Sebby and Sherry risk their lives as they become targets in Danny Lee Wilson’s killing spree.

     There is a new hero in the sequel, Michael Mangus Walker. He runs away from an elite U.S. Army fighting unit to reclaim his shattered life and the children he loves. He is a fierce warrior and brings a new dynamic to the peace-loving Cossibye clan.