Being raised at the hand of a U.S.S. Saratoga veteran was a privilege. It provided a rambunctious young boy with plenty of discipline and a hero to admire.  I loved leafing through my father's log book and hearing the stories he occasionally related about his service during World War II. It wasn't until I retired that I had time to research and tell the story of the crew that played a major role in halting Japanese aggression throughout the Pacific and Asia.  I collected memoirs from scores of Saratoga veterans and compiled them into a narrative that best can be considered historical fiction. The names have been changed but the facts remain true.


Fireman First Class Ralph Guy in 1942

Escape from Captivity erupts with suspense 

Sara: A Hero's Story, a WWII tribute

Watch for Book III in the Wolf Pact sage this fall. It's called "Heart of a Panther." Yes, there are more than wolves roaming the deep woods of Wisconsin.

in 2011. They’ve blended into the Wisconsin society and nobody has discovered they are shape-shifters, a secret society that can walk as humans or on four legs as wolves in the lush forests of the Badger State. They are not werewolves or canines that crave human flesh; they are ordinary people who can genetically change their appearance. They thrive on doing good, not evil. They are learning to enjoy the splendor of Jefferson Estates.


EFFERSON, Reeny, Sebby and Sherry have come a long way since their formed The New Order 



When a boy, half naked and struggling to escape abuse, collides with their vehicle on a cold Wisconsin night, the four friends rally to his defense. Their concern for Jason and his sister, Cindy, catapults the clan into the murderous path of a madman, Danny Joe Wilson. Of course, Wilson's first victim was the children's mother.
     "Escape" is packed full of mayhem and suspense, but it also has the humor, romance and magic that made “The New Order” a favorite. “Escape from Captivity” is a sure hit.

Bringing "Sara: A Hero's Story" to publication was a long and arduous task that began ten years ago. When I completed it in 2006, there were few venues for publication that exist today. I presented it now as a tribute to those remarkable young men who sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom some 70 years ago. I hope the story of their heroism lives in infamy. To read Chapter 1, click here.