Wolf Pact: The New Order

This is a fantasy about a secret species that can walk upright as man or woman and on all fours as a wolf.  It focuses on W. Jefferson Prescott, the only son of an influential family. He and his followers belong to the Cossibye clan. They are neither werewolf nor vampire, but normal people who could — and just might — live anywhere in America’s heartland. They possess amazing strength, speed and skill, capabilities that can be maintained only through good deeds. And when it comes to solving crimes, there is nobody better. To read Chapter 1, click here.

Published samples

Death by cell phone

This is a short story I wrote for Writer's Digest. It portrays the irony and pitfalls of real life in the 21st century. I'll warn you, though, the ending is a mystery, and it has been interpreted many different ways. Tell me what you think. Of course, first you have to click here.

The Lonely Conch Shell

I stretched my poetic muscles to create this happy children's story, a gift to my son's oldest child, Hailey. She's a teenager now and still asks me when she comes to visit if we can go to Hailey's Beach. To better  understand, you just have to click here.

For a video synopsis of Run Like the Wind click here.

The Grandfather Clock

I wrote this lively adventure as a Christmas gift for my grandchildren, Hailey and Hayden, a few years back. It's about two rascally youngsters who discover magic inside an ancient grandfather clock. Just click here.

A Dreamer's Dream

This is my favorite poem, aside from William Ernest Henley's Invictus. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the author is. If you do, let me know. But first, click here.

Cocktales and Smiles

This is an anthology of erotic shorts stories, written by men and women who are all 50 years older. It will tantalize all your sexual interests and make you smile along the way. It is for adult readers only. For a sample,click here.

Wolf Pact: Escape from Captivity

COMING SOON -- A young boy stumbles into the path of a car driven by W.  Jefferson Prescott III and his followers. The youngster and his sister have been held captive in their rural Wisconsin home, where their mother also was killed by a deranged boyfriend. The Cossibye clan gets far more than it expects when it takes the orphans in and begins the hunt for the madman who is terrorizing the region. To read a sample, click here.

SARA: A Hero's Story

This novel provides a chronological journey through the the Pacific War following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The novel is based on the memoirs of the brave men who served aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, which for a short time was the only aircraft carrier protecting the Western shore of the United States during WWII. To read Chapter 1, click here

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The Yellow Light

On a cold winter's night in Wisconsin, a robbery goes bad and changes two people's lives forever. You're going to love this short story. Click here

Spirit Dancers

This is a tale about two Baby Boomers who meet online and go on a spiritual journey to discover the depth of their love with  the help of two Native American spirit guides. It is an erotic romp that can be enjoyed by anyone who has dared to find romance in Cyberspace. It's adult only reading, though. For a sample, click here.



 Short stories  & stuff

Down Home

This is just a tiny little story that made me laugh when it was finished. I sure hope you laugh, too. It won't take but five minutes to read. Do you know what you have to do by now? Yeah, click here.