Freckled Venom
I’m a sucker for books written by new authors and independent novelist I have never read before. I wasn't disappointed when I came across  "Freckled Venom: Copperhead" by Juliette Douglas. In this introduction to the Freckled Venom trilogy, a young woman tries to run away from her violent past by choosing a career as a bounty hunter in the tumultuous Wild West. Lacy Watson is just not any bounty hunter; she only tracks the meanest and most vicious criminals. When she is befriended by Sheriff Rawley Lovett, her life changes, even though danger has a way of finding her with the lawman at her side. The author is masterful in setting the tone of the emotional juggernaut that drives the main characters. Her colorful descriptions and compelling dialogue make "Copperhead," "Copperhead Strikes" and "Skeletons" a must-read for western lovers. Her latest work, "Bed of Conspiracy," is gaining high praise, too.  LEARN MORE

Mateguas Island trilogy
Book three in the Mateguas Island trilogy by Linda Watkins was the best of the three. It kept me on pins and needles throughout.. Beware, though, author Linda Watkins is full of surprises. This is an adventure into dark mysteries and legends not for the faint of heart.  I went insane when I read the epilogue. It was like the author shredded the hundreds of pages I had just read and let them fall upon my head to scatter along with my brain cells. High praise for Mateguas Island. It deserves every accolade. And yes, the saga must continue.
The Fisherman
This is a love story with some adventure and skullduggery mixed in to force the reader to turn pages at a brisk pace. There is no reason for a commercial fisherman and a gorgeous surgeon to fall in love; they have nothing in common. Fate thrusts Mac Macintyre and Dr. Maria Grayson into an unlikely relationship that is often times fiery and dangerous. As the two grow close, they discover things in their past lives that catapults the pair to a climax I didn’t see coming. This is the first book in Author Mary Jane Forbes’ Twist of Fate trilogy. She is a Florida native whose storytelling is entertaining. I
Scorch Road series

I'm mesmerized by the Scorch Road series, authored by Emily Kimelman and Toby Neal. I just finished Smoke Road and can't wait to get to the next two sequels. If you like romantic-thrillers, rolled into an apocalyptic backdrop, you'll enjoy this series. Each book is fresh and completely different from the previous one as the sons of Ana Luciano make their way to a safe harbor in Idaho. Smoke Road overflows with adventure and emotion as ex-special forces soldier Luca, and his new commander Dr. Haunani Kagawa, a brilliant bioterrorist expert, uncover the source of the deadly flu. It’s riveting, and the boxed set is on sale for a limited time. Try it; you'll like it.
The Denali Deception
I like it when history and fiction meet in and exciting novel. Ernest Dempsey's Denali Deception brought secrets of the Civil War era to the 21st century and kept me turning pages at a brisk pace. Part of the author's Sean Wyatt series, Dempsey suggests there was more to the purchase of Alaska following the Civil War than meets the eye. In fact there is a mysterious pyramid buried within the Denali Mountain Range that just might have been the real reason behind the Lincoln assassination. This is a must read for history buffs.

The General’s Women
This novel, written by Susan Wittig Albert, was one of my most enjoyable of the summer. I’ve long been an Eisenhower, simply because we share the same birthday. This put to rest the speculation that the 5-star general and former president really did have a torrid love affair with his driver, Kay Summersby. Albert’s tale humanizes the general, chronicles the great sacrifice he made to mastermind the Allies victory over Germany in WWII and takes a closer peek into his marriage with the odd socialite and former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.

Gus McIntyre 


"The reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives but one."


I spend a lot of time reading novels of all sorts. I especially like reading the works of some of the unknown authors who are entering the eBook marketplace, much as I am. Since buying my first Nook several years ago, it is with me almost all of the time. .I generally put quick review of the books I've read on Facebook, but I'm going to start putting them here too, with the hope it will help to introduce you to some authors you haven't tried before.

Book Reviews

T he Gus McIntyre Adventure series happened quite by accident. I had been waiting for the final edits to be completed on "Escape from  Captivity" and suffering from flu symptoms late in 2017. I needed a pick-me-up and Gus showed up in just the nick of time.   I have always been fascinated by the western genre and wanted to try my hand at it. I also wanted to write something my grandchildren could read. A week or two later, I was sending “Run Like the Wind” off to be edited.
     These novels are sort of like the dime novels that were popular at the end of the nineteenth century; they’re short and full of action. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I do writing them. Gus McIntyre quickly is becoming one of my favorite characters.

     With three entries into the Gus McIntyre Adventures already published and a fourth on the way, I’m happy to inform you I see no end to the McIntyre series. A fifth entry is planned for 2019 and a sixth for 2020.

     Book III, "Chasing Gold,"  puts Gus and friends on the trail of the lost treasure of Ferdinand Maximilian, the deposed emperor of Mexico.  Of course, they’ll have to outsmart some unsavory outlaws, a federal agent and the Ku Klux Klan if they expect to unearth its whereabouts. It published in December in time for Christmas gift-buying.
     In 2019 , readers will discover more about the McIntyre family’s unlikely migration to the New World and their fight for land and freedom on the American frontier. In "Chasing the Past," Gus' great-great-grandfather immigrates to the New World from Scotland and promptly finds himself fighting Indians alongside Daniel Boone in the wilds of Kentucky, The Land of Blood and Plenty.
     Louis L’Amore – who never heard of my young character, but would have liked him, I think – said: :”For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that can be lived.” He was right.

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